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Hacker Public Radio

Your ideas, projects, opinions - podcasted.

New episodes Monday through Friday.

Scheduling Guidelines

The HPR Schedule is entirely community driven and all shows are scheduled on a strict "first in - first out" basis. The slots will only be allocated once the shows have been successfully processed. Any missing information can result in a show missing the requested slot. Once the slots have been allocated it is not possible to move them.

Upcoming Shows

Plot of Queue status

There are only 16 days to wait until next free slot. Please consider recording a show for us.

Next Two Months

Fri 2014-09-19: hpr1600 The zfs File System by JWP
Mon 2014-09-22: hpr1601 Howto Install LAMP by klaatu
Tue 2014-09-23: hpr1602 An Open Source News Break from by semioticrobotic
Wed 2014-09-24: hpr1603 GUADEC 2014: Matthew Garrett Interview by 2BFrank
Thu 2014-09-25: hpr1604 How I Got Into Linux by goPhir
Fri 2014-09-26: hpr1605 38 - LibreOffice Calc - simple Descriptive Statistics by Ahuka
Mon 2014-09-29: hpr1606 Howto VNC by klaatu
Tue 2014-09-30: hpr1607 Migrating from Drupal 6 to Nikola by johanv
Wed 2014-10-01: hpr1608 Interviews at Lincoln LUG by corenominal
Thu 2014-10-02: hpr1609 Sigil And The Process Of The Epub In FOSS by lostnbronx
Fri 2014-10-03: hpr1610 The BTRFS File System by JWP
Mon 2014-10-06: hpr1611 Reserved for HPR Community News for September 2014.
Tue 2014-10-07: hpr1612 is available.
Wed 2014-10-08: hpr1613 is available.
Thu 2014-10-09: hpr1614 An Open Source News Break from by semioticrobotic
Fri 2014-10-10: hpr1615 39 - LibreOffice Calc - Inferential Statistics Functions by Ahuka
Mon 2014-10-13: hpr1616 Howto Use Webfonts by klaatu
Tue 2014-10-14: hpr1617 is available.
Wed 2014-10-15: hpr1618 is available.
Thu 2014-10-16: hpr1619 is available.
Fri 2014-10-17: hpr1620 Passwords, Entropy, and Good Password Practices by Ahuka
Mon 2014-10-20: hpr1621 is available.
Tue 2014-10-21: hpr1622 An interview with Michael Tiemann by semioticrobotic
Wed 2014-10-22: hpr1623 is available.
Thu 2014-10-23: hpr1624 is available.
Fri 2014-10-24: hpr1625 40 - LibreOffice Calc - Other Functions by Ahuka
Mon 2014-10-27: hpr1626 Recalling OSCON 2014. by semioticrobotic
Tue 2014-10-28: hpr1627 is available.
Wed 2014-10-29: hpr1628 is available.
Thu 2014-10-30: hpr1629 is available.
Fri 2014-10-31: hpr1630 is available.
Mon 2014-11-03: hpr1631 Reserved for HPR Community News for October 2014.
Tue 2014-11-04: hpr1632 is available.
Wed 2014-11-05: hpr1633 is available.
Thu 2014-11-06: hpr1634 is available.
Fri 2014-11-07: hpr1635 41 - LibreOffice Calc - Data Manipulation 1: Sorting and AutoFilter by Ahuka
Mon 2014-11-10: hpr1636 is available.
Tue 2014-11-11: hpr1637 is available.
Wed 2014-11-12: hpr1638 is available.
Thu 2014-11-13: hpr1639 is available.
Fri 2014-11-14: hpr1640 Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Encryption by Ahuka
Mon 2014-11-17: hpr1641 is available.
Tue 2014-11-18: hpr1642 is available.
Wed 2014-11-19: hpr1643 is available.
Thu 2014-11-20: hpr1644 Benetech, OpenStack and Kumusha by semioticrobotic
Fri 2014-11-21: hpr1645 42 - LibreOffice Calc - Data Manipulation 2: Standard and Advanced Filters by Ahuka
Mon 2014-11-24: hpr1646 is available.
Tue 2014-11-25: hpr1647 is available.
Wed 2014-11-26: hpr1648 is available.
Thu 2014-11-27: hpr1649 is available.
Fri 2014-11-28: hpr1650 is available.
Mon 2014-12-01: hpr1651 Reserved for HPR Community News for November 2014.
Tue 2014-12-02: hpr1652 is available.
Wed 2014-12-03: hpr1653 is available.
Thu 2014-12-04: hpr1654 is available.
Fri 2014-12-05: hpr1655 is available.
Mon 2014-12-08: hpr1656 is available.
Tue 2014-12-09: hpr1657 is available.
Wed 2014-12-10: hpr1658 is available.
Thu 2014-12-11: hpr1659 is available.

Also Scheduled

Fri 2014-12-26: hpr1670 Digital Signatures and Certificates by Ahuka
Thu 2015-01-01: hpr1674 Reserved for New Year Show Part 1 of 5.
Fri 2015-01-02: hpr1675 Reserved for New Year Show Part 2 of 5.
Mon 2015-01-05: hpr1676 Reserved for HPR Community News for December 2014.
Tue 2015-01-06: hpr1677 Reserved for New Year Show Part 4 of 5.
Wed 2015-01-07: hpr1678 Reserved for New Year Show Part 5 of 5.
Thu 2015-01-08: hpr1679 Reserved for HPR After Show 1 of 2.
Fri 2015-01-09: hpr1680 Reserved for HPR After Show 2 of 2.

Currently Processing

If your show is not listed it is because it still needs to be converted or the show notes need to be created. It can take a few days to see your show here but it will still be scheduled according to whichever slot you select at upload.

There are no files to process on the FTP server.

Emergency Shows

The emergency queue is intended only to be used in the cases where there is still a gap in the schedule 24 hours prior to release.

There are 6 Emergency shows.
20111229T080053Z_128_pokey-The_Best_Eggs_in_the_World: mp3 ogg spx txt 
20121017T175051Z_78_klaatu_hpr_mud: html mp3 ogg spx 
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20140709T195321Z_282-Mike_Ray-emergency-make_a_punched_card_computer: html mp3 ogg spx wav 
20140709T200204Z_282-Mike_Ray-emergency-make_a_vortex_cannon: html mp3 ogg spx wav 
20140709T201016Z_282-Mike_Ray-emergency-the_power_of_condensing_steam: html mp3 ogg spx wav