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Hacker Public Radio

Your ideas, projects, opinions - podcasted.

New episodes Monday through Friday.

Scheduling Guidelines

The HPR Schedule is entirely community driven and all shows are scheduled on a strict "first in - first out" basis. The slots will only be allocated once the shows have been successfully processed. Any missing information can result in a show missing the requested slot. Once the slots have been allocated it is not possible to move them.

Upcoming Shows

Plot of Queue status

There are only 14 days to wait until next free slot. Please consider recording a show for us.

Next Month

Thu 2014-04-24: hpr1494 The Next Gen is You (2/2) by klaatu
Fri 2014-04-25: hpr1495 27 - LibreOffice Calc - Calculations and the Formula Bar by Ahuka
Mon 2014-04-28: hpr1496 wiki on the raspberry pi by MrX
Tue 2014-04-29: hpr1497 Practical Math - Units - Distances and Area, Part 1 by Charles in NJ
Wed 2014-04-30: hpr1498 Personal OpenVPN by John Duarte
Thu 2014-05-01: hpr1499 How I Got Into Computers by Charles in NJ
Fri 2014-05-02: hpr1500 Key Signing by Ahuka
Mon 2014-05-05: hpr1501 AWK by laindir
Tue 2014-05-06: hpr1502 Practical Math - Units - Distances and Area, Part 2 by Charles in NJ
Wed 2014-05-07: hpr1503 Making Waves-The DSO Pocket Oscilloscope by NYbill
Thu 2014-05-08: hpr1504 is available.
Fri 2014-05-09: hpr1505 28 - LibreOffice Calc - Fills, an Introduction by Ahuka
Mon 2014-05-12: hpr1506 is available.
Tue 2014-05-13: hpr1507 is available.
Wed 2014-05-14: hpr1508 is available.
Thu 2014-05-15: hpr1509 is available.
Fri 2014-05-16: hpr1510 is available.
Mon 2014-05-19: hpr1511 is available.
Tue 2014-05-20: hpr1512 is available.
Wed 2014-05-21: hpr1513 is available.
Thu 2014-05-22: hpr1514 is available.
Fri 2014-05-23: hpr1515 29 - LibreOffice Calc - Models and "What-If" Analysis by Ahuka
Mon 2014-05-26: hpr1516 is available.
Tue 2014-05-27: hpr1517 is available.
Wed 2014-05-28: hpr1518 is available.
Thu 2014-05-29: hpr1519 is available.
Fri 2014-05-30: hpr1520 is available.
Mon 2014-06-02: hpr1521 is available.
Tue 2014-06-03: hpr1522 is available.
Wed 2014-06-04: hpr1523 is available.
Thu 2014-06-05: hpr1524 is available.

Also Scheduled

Mon 2014-06-09: hpr1525 30 - LibreOffice Calc - A Savings Model by Ahuka
Thu 2014-07-03: hpr1543 What's in my bag by Ken Fallon
Wed 2014-07-09: hpr1547 Reserved for Birthday Special.
Thu 2014-07-10: hpr1548 Heyu and X10 by Peter64
Thu 2014-08-07: hpr1568 Blather Speech Recognition for Linux: Jon has a conversation with his computer by Jon Kulp

Currently Processing

If your show is not listed it is because it still needs to be converted or the show notes need to be created. It can take a few days to see your show here but it will still be scheduled according to whichever slot you select at upload.

There are files ready to process on the FTP server.

Emergency Shows

The emergency queue is intended only to be used in the cases where there is still a gap in the schedule 24 hours prior to release.

There are 6 backup shows.
20111229T080053Z 128 BACKUP pokey-The Best Eggs in the World
20121017T175051Z 78 BACKUP klaatu hpr mud
20130725T212437Z 243 Jezra-How-I-use-Linux
20130927T181035Z 78 BACKUP klaatu backupShows artsAndBots
20130927T181037Z 78 BACKUP klaatu backupShows crowdSourcedAirQualityMonitoring
20140101T065612Z 209-BACKUP David Whitman-Chump Car Report