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Christopher M. Hobbs

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hpr2342 :: Wherein our hero fails to repair a garage door.

Released on 2017-07-25 under a CC-BY-SA license.

My garage door failed spectacularly for a second time. I make an attempt to repair it but find that my extension cables are a bit too short. I hope I can explain a little about how garage doors work along the way.

hpr2216 :: Working AO-85 with my son

Released on 2017-01-30 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Working AO-85 with my son!

Given all the talk about Amateur Radio on the mailing list, I decided to record a live operation show. In this episode my son and I try to make a contact on AO-85. He eventually loses interest and it's just me yelling into a microphone.

We don't manage to make a successful contact but we do pick up the bird. One person toward the end tried to pull us out of the noise but there were simply too many people utilizing the satellite for us to make contact. Part of that may have been my Doppler shift settings.

Here is the pass data from gPredict (in CST) for this particular attempt:

Pass details for AO-85 (orbit 5478)
Observer: KD5RYO, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
LAT:36.20 LON:-94.48
AOS: 2017/01/16 15:03:52 Local
LOS: 2017/01/16 15:17:45 Local
 Time                  Az      El  Range Footp  Dop   Loss 
 2017/01/16 15:03:52 212.06  -0.00  3075  5738  2194 142.16
 2017/01/16 15:04:33 212.46   2.48  2801  5720  2195 141.35
 2017/01/16 15:05:15 212.94   5.23  2527  5701  2191 140.45
 2017/01/16 15:05:57 213.52   8.35  2254  5682  2179 139.46
 2017/01/16 15:06:38 214.26  11.99  1983  5663  2157 138.35
 2017/01/16 15:07:20 215.23  16.38  1716  5644  2117 137.09
 2017/01/16 15:08:02 216.60  21.92  1455  5624  2048 135.66
 2017/01/16 15:08:43 218.69  29.25  1207  5604  1924 134.03
 2017/01/16 15:09:25 222.35  39.50   979  5584  1692 132.22
 2017/01/16 15:10:07 230.57  54.21   793  5564  1245 130.39
 2017/01/16 15:10:48 261.54  72.25   683  5544   461 129.09
 2017/01/16 15:11:30 347.38  69.68   687  5524  -524 129.14
 2017/01/16 15:12:12  11.72  51.01   804  5503 -1288 130.50
 2017/01/16 15:12:53  18.88  36.54   995  5483 -1720 132.35
 2017/01/16 15:13:35  22.23  26.49  1225  5463 -1946 134.16
 2017/01/16 15:14:17  24.21  19.28  1476  5442 -2069 135.78
 2017/01/16 15:14:58  25.54  13.82  1739  5422 -2139 137.21
 2017/01/16 15:15:40  26.52   9.47  2009  5402 -2180 138.46
 2017/01/16 15:16:22  27.28   5.85  2283  5381 -2204 139.57
 2017/01/16 15:17:03  27.91   2.74  2559  5361 -2218 140.56

Finally, here's AO-85's page on AMSAT:


hpr2189 :: Working Amateur Radio Satellites

Released on 2016-12-22 under a CC-BY-SA license.


hpr2077 :: and self hosting for friends and family

Released on 2016-07-19 under a CC-BY-SA license.

What is is an island of pseudo-freedom. This project was established in order to pursue ideals of Free Software, Free Culture, ethically sourced hardware, self hosting, and sharing with others. Generally it consists of personal content, though some community resources reside here as well.

The name came from an old programming group and was repurposed. I would really like to find a new name!

Similar networks


The network

Set in three physical locations: two in Northwest Arkansas, one (a VPS) in Sweden.

One recycled shuttle rig called “summernight”, one ThinkPenguin nano called “aprilshowers”, and a VPS known as “eremit”. Two or three inaccessible machines for backups and other automation.

Wireless access provided in the model at both US physical locations.


  • Websites
  • Shell accounts
  • DNS
  • wireless access
  • XMPP
  • IRC Bots
  • Git
  • MediaGoblin

Future services

  • Game servers
  • and GNU Social instances
  • mail server
  • PBX with DID lines
  • data service

Events and community

The community is very loosely organized and rarely operates under the name of the network, though we sometimes gather for events in the same location as the machines. In the past we’ve had a cryptoparty and I am trying to organize a FreeDOOM LAN party.

How to host your own services

  1. Acquire a machine, any machine! Could be a junk rig, an old laptop, or a fancy single board computer.
  2. Install your favorite distro or try freedombone/freedom box.
  3. Get a domain name with your favorite registrar.
  4. Get a static IP from your ISP if possible or go with Dynamic DNS
  5. Install Bind or set up your router to manage DNS.
  6. Invite some friends to play on your new server! Maybe have a party!
  7. Set up backup scripts.

hpr2068 :: Podcasts I listen to and how I fetch them.

Released on 2016-07-06 under a CC-BY-SA license.


Right out of my ~./podget/serverlist:



I can supply my podgetrc upon request. It’s pretty basic.

hpr2026 :: What's in my Bag... Again!

Released on 2016-05-09 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Just a look at what I keep in my bag these days, though I forgot to mention my beloved Zojirushi thermos (SM-JA48-BA)!

hpr1558 :: Lunch Breaks

Released on 2014-07-23 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Back after a year of HPR silence, I'll talk a little about how I like to spend my lunch breaks and how you can explore your workplace. Put down those tater tots, we're going on an adventure!

In this episode I'll give some information about my lunch history, ways you can maximise your time, gear you'll need to start short stealth/urban exploration, techniques for finding places to explore, and ways to handle being spotted.

If this goes well enough and the audio isn't too garbled, I'll record episodes for the "How I Got Into (GNU) Linux" series.

Here are a few links related to the episode. Note that I link to Amazon and Google. I don't necessarily condone or endorse either service, I just didn't know of any better sources for product information.


Sample sit pads:

hpr1321 :: What's in my Bag

Released on 2013-08-26 under a CC-BY-SA license.

My contribution to the "What's in my Bag" series. Contact me at

hpr1311 :: Modern Inconveniences

Released on 2013-08-12 under a CC-BY-SA license.

A little discourse about manual work and money saving. Contact me at

hpr1306 :: Freedom Followup

Released on 2013-08-05 under a CC-BY-SA license.

After a deluge of e-mail asking me to follow up on the Week of Freedom podcast, I finally responded. Contact me at if you'd like to talk Libre Software!

hpr1293 :: A Week of Freedom

Released on 2013-07-17 under a CC-BY-SA license.

A quick dialog about my week of using only FLOSS

hpr1215 :: Pair Programming

Released on 2013-03-29 under a CC-BY-SA license.


Modulus7 Pair Programming Interview:

Pair Programming on the Portland Patterns Repository:

Pair Programming at C2 (similar content):

Wikipedia Entry:

XP Pair Programming Resources:

GNU Screen:




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