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I got started in Linux in 2002, with a set of Mandriva CD's and have enjoyed using variations ever since. Current with Arch Linux for 3+ years.

episodes: 2

hpr2549 :: DVD ripping using old hardware

Released on 2018-05-10 under a CC-BY-SA license.
  1. Had a tower with a bad motherboard.
  2. Wife found one at the Savers (Goodwill) for $8
  3. Board worked, but had no video
  4. Bought a 8mb video card for $10
  5. Power supply fan seized, $10,
    • Got a warning about danger of opening up a power supply.
  6. Distro should be on a USB key, and run headless
    • Easy way to back up the system
  7. Had Arch installed, no 32 bit support after end of 2017
  8. Installed Slackware, only working distribution for my hardware
    • Found it useful to have a script to chroot from the install media to the Slackware install.
    • Added a boot delay to mkinitrc for usb, otherwise it would boot with a message about not finding /mnt in /etc/fstab
  9. Set up ssh with alternative port
  10. Installed mplayer and tmux, and ripit with sbopkg
    • Mplayer to rip streams for movies and shows
    • Tmux is my favorite for resuming from a different PC or mobile
  11. Needed a way to rip any media regardless of encryption
    • Only need libdvdcss to read
    • Includes Disney (Star Wars, Tron)
  12. CD ripping was a bonus
    • Ripit to rip CDs
  13. Scripts are on Github

  1. Happy ripping!

hpr1922 :: The case to backup Google email.

Released on 2015-12-15 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Google Takeout, good for backup of gmail, or anything else from the Google-verse.

Thunderbird email client

ImportExportTools for Thunderbird

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