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Host ID: 325

I'm this guy who likes computers. Computers and Burger King.

episodes: 11

hpr2277 :: Outernet and other projects

Released on 2017-04-25 under a CC-BY-SA license.

hpr2273 :: Fountain Pens

Released on 2017-04-19 under a CC-BY-SA license.

For a good basic rundown of the parts of a fountain pen, The Goulet Pen Company has a fairly decent page at:

Fountain pens on Youtube:

hpr2210 :: On Freedom of Speech and Censorship

Released on 2017-01-20 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode, I discuss some of issues that can arise with Freedom of Speech, as well as some of the finer points of what constitutes "censorship".

hpr2192 :: Fun with Oscilloscopes

Released on 2016-12-27 under a CC-BY-SA license.

For an example of the effect, here is an example -

Here are some other interesting ideas for oscilloscopes -

hpr2187 :: The Toshiba Libretto 100ct

Released on 2016-12-20 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode, I discuss some of the quirks I encountered when setting up my recently acquired Toshiba Libretto 100ct for retro gaming. I cover the hardware specs, a few tips on getting it running while dealing with Win98 woes.

hpr2142 :: Book Reviews

Released on 2016-10-18 under a CC-BY-SA license.

It's been a while since I submitted a show due to time constraints. I was actually feeling pretty bad when I recorded the show, so my voice may not be as loud as usual.

The first book I talk about is "Hacker Culture" by Douglas Thomas

The second book is "A History of Modern Computing" by Paul E. Ceruzzi

hpr2033 :: Distro Review: Bodhi Linux

Released on 2016-05-18 under a CC-BY-SA license.

As with my last episode, you may hear some sniffling or pauses as I catch my breath. It is springtime in Kentucky, and my allergies are full force right now.

In this episode, I take Bodhi Linux for a test drive. I'll tell you what I liked, what I didn't like, and how well or bad it performed on my test machine.

hpr2030 :: Book Review: The Pocket Ref

Released on 2016-05-13 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Recorded this episode while suffering from some severe seasonal allergies, so please disregard any sniffing, wheezing or coughing that may have crept in.

This is a brief introduction to the Pocket Ref by Thomas Glover. In this episode, I don't go into great depth of the books many topics, primarily due to the nature of the book itself. It is meant to be a reference book, and as such it contains a treasure trove of reference material from a very broad range of topics.

Also, I mention a few other titles in this series - links below.

hpr1998 :: Homebrewing

Released on 2016-03-30 under a CC-BY-SA license.

In this episode, I will share some tips about how to get the most out of an inexpensive, entry-level homebrewing kit such as the Mr. Beer branded kit. These tips will work with any kit, however.

hpr1977 :: What's In My Bag

Released on 2016-03-01 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Links to the gear I mention -

hpr1972 :: How I got into Linux

Released on 2016-02-23 under a CC-BY-SA license.

I will apologize now for some of the rough sound. This was recorded on a very old Sony tape recorder (all I had at the time). Hopefully, the tape hiss will cover up some of my Kentucky accent. Or vice versa. Whatever. This is the saga of me. And Linux.

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