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I'm a long haul trucker who runs all 48 states here in the US. I really enjoy tinkering with my laptops and used to do a lot of nuke and pave. I am afraid you wont find me on social media nor do I have a website. I don't really have much time for that stuff, and I have never been a big social butterfly, anyway. I live in north east Indiana, in the US. I am a father 3 times over, and Grampa twice over. Been married 26 years (yeah,... a VERY patient woman there). I work between 75 and 85 hrs a week, roughly 70 of it driving. I've been an HPR listener for about 2-3 years now, but as of 15 April 2016, I am just now contributing my first episode (shame...). I will strive to do better, Ken...!
PS: I really hate seeing people get scraped off the highways. I like tech too, but STOP TEXTING AND PLAYING WITH PHONES WHILE YOU DRIVE, EVERYONE. PLEASE!

episodes: 2

hpr2413 :: personal health care

Released on 2017-11-01 under a CC-BY-SA license.

This show was created while sitting in my tractor cab (I'm a truck driver), it took less than 10 minutes to record. The slight background noise is my truck getting bounced around by the forklift running in and out of my trailer.

The audio was recorded on an 'Olympus VN-1000PC' pocket dictation recorder (purchased at Walmart about 10 or 12 years ago, I think, for about $20.00-US), on the built in mic. The recorder will accept a mic and/or headphone with a 3.5mm jack size. Mini usb out as a mass storage device so its easy to offload your files. The device is simple enough for a monkey to use, or a trucker...


Photos from my Android phone, a samsung s7 active. Photos transferred to my laptop using the KDE connect application (I know, I know, how 'bout an episode...)

Photo editing in "Gwenview", a gui application with fast cropping and resizing capability, plus much much more (I know, I know, how 'bout an episode...)

Audio editing in "Audacity", of course. All I did was pull the silences, and the "uh, ummmm's" out, and then export into a flac mono. (I know, I know, how 'bout an episode...wait, no that one's been done, and done,...)


The digital scale in the picture below was purchased at 'bedbath&beyond' for less than $20.00 -US, several years ago and seems quite accurate


The Omron BP cuff...lists at about $80-$90.00 US on their site. I didn't pay for that though. My mom the retired nurse did.

Omron_BP760_data_plate.jpg Omron_BP760_machine.jpg

SHAKUBUKU - from the wikipedia entry...
Shakubuku "break and subdue" (折伏) is a term that originates in the Chinese Śrīmālādevī Siṃhanāda Sūtra. Although often associated with the teachings of Nichiren, the term appears often in the SAT Daizokyo and the works of the Chinese Tiantai patriarachs Zhiyi and Zhanran. The term has historically been used to indicate the rebuttal of false teachings, and thereby break negative patterns in one's thoughts, words and deeds.

Personally, I heard the term defined first on the movie, "Gross Pointe Blank" with Minni Driver, John Cusack, Alan Arkin and Dan Akroyd. Minnie Driver's character described SHAKUBUKU thusly,"It's a swift, spiritual kick to the head that alters your reality forever."

Both of these definitions work for me, the first being the more definitive, and the second being the somewhat simplistic, hipster/millennial definition, although the line was actually recorded around 1997 when the movie came out.

Thank you all for listening.


hpr2022 :: Whats in my bag

Released on 2016-05-03 under a CC-BY-SA license.
  • Swissgear messenger bag (this link is to a newer version, closest I could find to my 7 year old bag)
    This bag has been with me since 2009, and for about the last 3 years did double duty, carrying both of my laptops with other assorted gear, and has held up beautifully, No fabric wear, not a stitch or seam broken anywhere. Both zippers are intact and still pull smooth and easily, they haven't even lost the pull-tabs (usually my first issue with any zipper). The handle and the shoulder strap are reasonably comfortable (for a single shoulder strap) and show no signs of wear either. Can't recommend this bag enough if you are looking for a tough messenger bag. If you are going to haul 2 laptops around (plus gear) I would strongly recommend something with 2 shoulder straps though, if you're doing any serious walking about.

  • Toshiba Satellite P855-S5312
    I beefed up the ram to 16gb and removed the optical drive in order to install a second hard drive. I also replaced the original 750gb spinning HDD. The new drives were both samsung evo 500gb SSD's. My only real gripe about this laptop is the screen resolution, which maxes out at 1366x768. IMHO, this is a waste of real estate on a 15.6 inch screen. I am looking into this, but replacement with a higher resolution screen seems to be unfeasible, from what I am reading. ( IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS OR KNOW OF A SOLUTION I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!)

  • The old HP Pavillion dv5-1235dx
    (I dont presently haul this one around anymore) Got this one in '09. nice screen doing 1680x1050 , but I didn't care for the plastic housing. I like the metal case on the toshiba. - although older, I really liked this laptop, and still prefer the keyboard (although somewhat cramped) over the one on my Toshiba. The feel of the keys themselves and the distinctive stroke and light click as you press down through the detent, just feels better than the chiclet keyboard on my newer machine. Incidentally, I once spilled a rum and coke across this thing, keyboard and all, while it was powered down. After dry out and a good cleaning, it fired up and still works. I don't recommend trying to re create this experiment though. Dumb luck, I suppose. I was sure it would be a deader.

  • Wacom intuos cth480 pen/touch tablet
    (this thing isn't available in this form anymore) these are very nice and work out of the box for me on debian, and mint, (cant speak for other distros). Getting the pen's pressure sensitivity settings in some drawing programs (krita, gimp, etc) can sometimes be a bit fiddly and sometimes hard to find. Overall works quite well, although I am not a professional artist. Trucker, remember? Fun to play with, and reasonably small so its good travel size.

  • Toshiba 2TB 'canvio' portable hard drive
  • Western Digital 2TB 'my passport ultra' portable hard drive
    I carry one of these (WD) for extra storage and backups of my laptop. The other ( the Toshiba) I use mostly for storage of my movies and TV series collections (gotta have your firefly fix, right?). As to which one is better, I prefer the case on the Toshiba, just seems more durable in that high impact plastic, but I will let you know when one of them fails me :)

and for those real long distance wifi signals (and/or getting into monitor mode):

(missed these in the audio)

  • zebra f-301 ballpoint pens, black ink, 2 in fine point and 2 in medium
  • several cheap highlighter markers and one sharpie

Just to be clear...I included many of the links here from Amazon and other shopping sites, or from c-net, because I couldn't see how to load my pictures in with the notes, not because I want to give product reviews or sell anyone anything. I know it can be done, because I see it elsewhere, I'm just too tired to figure it out now. next one. As I understand it, I owe at least 2-3 shows. Be patient with me Ken, I'm workin' on it.

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