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hpr2423 :: Open Source Gaming #2: Oolite

Released on 2017-11-15 under a CC-BY-SA license.

The game's website. If you're interested in playing, check it out.

Also here's the forum I was looking up during the podcast to find out if Elite Dangerous was multiplayer or not.

hpr2404 :: Open Source Gaming #1: Meridian59

Released on 2017-10-19 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Check out the game

Edited 2017-10-11T16:59:43Z (Wednesday) ken

Meridian 59

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Meridian 59 is known as the first 3D graphical massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and stands as one of the longest running original online role-playing games. Developed by Archetype Interactive, the team included John Hanke who later founded Niantic, Inc. and codeveloped Google Earth and Pokémon Go.

First published by the now defunct 3DO Company, the game was first launched online in an early form on December 15, 1995 and released commercially on September 27, 1996 with a flat-rate monthly subscription. Meridian 59 is currently available as open source software and is being run by original developers Andrew Kirmse and Chris Kirmse.


hpr2401 :: Music Theory Hara-Kiri

Released on 2017-10-16 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Yeah just want feedback on what to do with a music theory show, since I see it was on the requested lists and no one was really doing it that I've seen.

hpr2285 :: The Tick Conspiracy

Released on 2017-05-05 under a CC-BY-SA license.

Reminder: This show is released in .ogg a non patent encumbered format.

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