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In-Depth Series: Introduction to Git

  • Number of episodes: 8
  • Open/closed: open
  • Date of earliest show: 2018-03-08
  • Date of latest show: 2021-04-06
  • Series RSS feeds: ogg, spx, mp3
Initiated by Klaatu, this open series introduces Git and the concepts behind its use in a collaborative environment.

hpr3307 :: Git worktree hosted by klaatu

Released: 2021-04-06. Duration: 00:25:07. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git,tree,trunk,branch.
How to use git worktree

hpr2664 :: My git workflow hosted by Yannick

Released: 2018-10-18. Duration: 00:08:15. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git,github,workflow.
In this episode I talk about the workflow I use to contribute to opensource project using git

hpr2634 :: Git tag and metadata hosted by klaatu

Released: 2018-09-06. Duration: 00:19:09. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git.
An intro to git tags and how to view metadata about your Git repository.

hpr2609 :: SparkleShare hosted by klaatu

Released: 2018-08-02. Duration: 00:24:20. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git,sparkleshare.
Klaatu demonstrates SparkleShare

hpr2553 :: Get ahead with git HEAD hosted by klaatu

Released: 2018-05-16. Duration: 00:46:42. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git, HEAD, branch, refs.
Klaatu helps you understand git HEAD

hpr2516 :: Intro to git branch hosted by klaatu

Released: 2018-03-26. Duration: 00:43:55. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git, branch, server.
Intro to git branch

hpr2512 :: Intro to git remote hosted by klaatu

Released: 2018-03-20. Duration: 00:26:30. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git, remote, server.
All about git remote

hpr2504 :: Intro to Git with pen and paper hosted by klaatu

Released: 2018-03-08. Duration: 00:36:45. Flag: Clean.
Tags: git.
Klaatu introduces Git using pen and paper.