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I'm an old retired dude. Former US Air Force and US Army living in the state of Georgia, USA with plenty time on my hands to mess with computers and electronic devices.

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hpr2219 :: The Musings of a Novice Cable TV Cord Cutter

Released on 2017-02-02 under a CC-BY-SA license.

I've included various websites of the items I discussed in the podcast.

One thing I didn't mention in my podcast is that to use Roku streaming applications you go to the Roku store via your Roku device or via a computer browser and set up a Roku account. Once you have an account you have downloading access to the apps. Most of these apps are free but most premium service require a monthly fee which can be paid through Roku or the streaming service.

Roku Channel Store:

For apps not in the official Roku Channel Store there is an unofficial Roku Private Channels store. These are applications for Roku devices similar to the Kodi/XBMC plug-ins:


DMCA Wikipedia:

I found a couple of apps in the Roku Private Channels store that can provide me access to ESPN if I wish to use them.

I don't condone piracy so use at your own risk:

General Roku information:

  1. Roku Wikipedia Info:
  2. TCL Roku TVs:
  3. Roku TVs Sold by Amazon:
  4. Roku Boxes:
  5. Amplified TV Antennas Review:,review-2354.html
  6. Indoor Amplified TV Antennas Sold by Amazon:
  7. Cox Communications:

hpr2206 :: Podcasts I Listen To

Released on 2017-01-16 under a CC-BY-SA license.


  1. SystemAU - Australian Linux Perspective with Music
  2. Accidental Tech Podcast - Apple Computers/Programs
  3. Android Central Podcast - Android Devices
  4. BleedTV Podcast - TV Info
  5. Common Sense with Dan Carlin
  6. Dan Carlin's Hard Core History - History Lessons
  7. Hacker Public Radio
  8. Jalen & Jacoby - ESPN Sports Guys
  9. Last Men on Earth - 2 Dudes Being Crude over Alcohol
  10. Linux Voice - Linux Guys talking Linux
  11. Linux for the Rest of US - Door to Door Geek & Cody Cooper
  12. MintCast - About Linux Mint from the Linux Mint Community
  13. MobileTech Roundup - Kevin Tofel & Mat Miller talking mobile devices
  14. Linux Luddites - Linux Talk From Cranky Dudes
  15. No Agenda - John Dvorak & Adam Curry Deconstruct the News
  16. PTI - Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon Talking Sports
  17. Stuff You Missed in History Class - Short, Concise History Lesson
  18. Talking TV with Ryan & Ryan - 2 TV Critics
  19. Television Zombies - 4 Friends Talking SF and Fantasy TV
  20. TLLTS - The Linux Link Tech Show
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  22. The Tony Kornheiser Show - Sports, Life, Politics, Movies, etc.
  23. TV Campfire Podcasts - TV Bloggers & TV Industry Pros Talking TV
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  26. The Ubuntu Podcast - Ubuntu Linux Plus other Distros/Linux Info
  27. I Can't Believe this S*hit - 2 Politically Incorrect Dudes Talking Junk

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