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The Alien Brothers Podcast (ABP)

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The Alien Brothers Podcast is written?, recorded, and produced? by Rutiger and Casper. Check out their noise experiments here (on hpr)

episodes: 1

hpr2419 :: Alien Brothers Podcast S1E01 - Introduction

Released on 2017-11-09 under a CC-BY-SA license.

This was an impromptu inaugural episode recorded in Bethany Beach, DE.

Casper and Rutiger work in the tech field and enjoy video games and popular media. We discuss the enigma that is the Handmaid's Tale, Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job!, the movie Kids, video games from paperboy to Quake to Fallout 4. We comedically discuss the disillusionment that one can incur working in the cubical jungle. We also discuss going back to minimum wage after enjoying a high paying tech industry.

We also reference obscure and not well-known music like Slint.

The sound quality is not great in this episode, as it was an impromptu recording. All future episodes will be produced at a much higher quality

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